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                Product Series
                UNT Customer service exchange

                UNT will work with you to discuss product development and production in the fields of power electronics and power transmission equipment, and high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution integrated automation.

                Hehe Company won the

                At the beginning of 2018, the joint research and development project of residual cur...

                Student Internship Training Activity of Hebei Univ...

                From July 9th to 13th, 2018, we welcomed the first batch of college students who cam...

                Mr MUSA, Technical Director of UK System Integrato...

                On March 22, 2018, Mr MUSA, Technical Director of UK System Integrator, visited our ...

                About Unt

                UNT electric CO., LTD., founded in 2003, is located in baoding national high-tech industrial development zone, hebei province, covers an area of more than 40 mu, the output value of hundreds of millions of yuan...

                About Us

                Our company specializes in product development, production, sales and service of flexible AC transmission system components, power electronics and power transmission equipment, and high and low voltage power distribution integrated automation.


                The company has more than 40 marketing outlets and its sales network covers the whole country. The products are exported to more than ten countries and have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign users.


                We will provide you with product technical specifications, instruction manuals, product communication debugging materials, product upgrade and transformation materials in time through the network.


                With strong technical research and development strength, the company has become the first batch of “high-tech enterprises” recognized by the state in Hebei Province. It has been listed as “Hebei Provincial Key Project” for many times...

                2777 xiangyang north street, Baoding city, Hebei province